Commentaire de WhackCheese I just got this today, didn’t expect it ever. Commentaire de Spectacular66 This is like the next Baron Deathcharger mount. There are several videos on youtube that show DKs and Ferals accomplishing this. Simply block it on the far wall near telescope and stay still between him and the beams, doing maximum DPS you can and healing yourself if possible. Don’t give up hope! View saved quotes Close.

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It’s the only flying mount my considerably mount lucky shaman rides when in the air. Commentaire de nomorejazz After reading the posts here, I wasn’t sure exactly how tough this guy would be. It dropped and he won the roll! Commentaire de trappum just incase anyone atlasloot having trouble beating him. Commentaire de orboreale Today, we can drop this mount in Normal Mode. Commentaire de vorton After my fith trip i collected this item best drake in the game looks lovley. Couldn’t remember what each beam did and exhausted myself « remembering.

Overall not a bad investment. Figured out that a nice reliable way to pull is with http: I literally sinister strike every second global CD for the entire portal phase. Il affiche les attaques à venir d’un boss et permets donc d’anticiper l’action grâce au compte à rebours affiché.

Télécharger addon wow 5.0 5

Commentaire de radgh People should really stop trying to explain probability for the drop. Dropped 35 gold and the standard 2 epics. One more note, if the raid keeps whoever was tanking Netherspite in melee range during the banish phase 55.0.5 makes the transitions much easier and Netherspite will not run amok attacking casters.


atlasloot 5.0.5

With Glyph of misdirection it makes it a lot easier. I tried it earlier as holy priest with a feral druid tanking, and it was atlaslooh much easier than I expected – be warned that your tank will take a LOT of damage towards the end of his time on the blue beam, however the healer’s heals will also be massive because of the green beam and should be enough.

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Over k registered users. If by some chance, he survives to the next phase, most likely you will need to wipe and reset. Commentaire de Etreum As the previous posters have stated, the key to being able atlaxloot solo her, is find a way to drag her out the room before the door closes almost instant. I 3 manned this boss and a scrub doing 1k dps got it, oh yeah he atlaaloot have epic flying anddd after he won it he asked me for 3k for epic flying ARGH!

Atlas,oot the first beam phase you still alive there? And i have been soloing this for a few months and nothing. Seems kinda odd that with a drop rate of 0. I did it for the th time today, I saw it drop, rolled a 2, and lost it. Got one hitted 2 secconds before the banish phase.

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In my 80 runs or so in Wrath I’ve only seen this mount once, and lost the roll of course if you’re wondering about the drop chance: Ive seen it drop 2 times and we did that both times! If you want to see it in game. Commentaire de Rensje I’ve been spending weeks with my guildies running random heroics and trying to get all the achievements for Glory of the Hero done. Commentaire de WhackCheese I just atlzsloot this today, didn’t expect it ever.


Commentaire de Rohitv First time in awhile I been lucky.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Systex Atlqsloot mount drops from Skadi the Ruthless on heroic mode only, there are 2 related achievements to this boss which are pretty easy to accomplish.

This is by far one of the most awesome types of mounts you can earn in this game, regardless of its colour scheme, and this blue variant is easily one of the prettiest! Most people seem to think that the green beam will eliminate a healer’s mana. Only difficulty we had was the 1st person who took the blue portal each round was targeted by Netherspite each time the portals went down. I won the roll. You can position him with your back to the room so that you can stand in all three beams at once.

We also had arms atoasloot in tanking gear, so that helped. You can always go with the trick of taking all 3 beams and you will be able to very easily kill him. I really wanted that Red Proto-Drake so bad.

Une petite lumière sur l’icône de l’attaque indique la fin du compte à rebours, donc vous pouvez relancer l’attaque. Commentaire de Foxpaw We just took him down last week.