This stems from the historical prevalence of the Arabic and Latin scripts in the coun- try, which have been mostly adopted to write in Amazigh, but also from the monolingual approach — either Arabic or French — of lan- guage policies in the last century. Differences in the proposed dates of in- three possibilities: The irst public decision made by the ircam was the choice of Tiinagh as the oficial script for the Amazigh language, which gave rise to criticism from both Islamic groups and associations promot- ing the Latin script. The design movements involved in this technique produce softer and more organic shapes — in opposition to the highly geometric engravings — that have not been suficiently explored in modern fonts so far Figure 3. Transcription of Conférence-débat animée par Med Ouramdane Khacer.

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Its historical background and peculiar context gives rise to uncommon questions that are worth examining. La valeur des signes nous est transmise par le missionnaire Charles de Foucauld. Tifingah irst example of a typewriter being used to produce the Tii- nagh script took place in Amazigh speakers do not use area. A similar but wider endeavour drives Tifinwgh Vu — a multilingual collaborative open source development based on Bitstream Vera Should new code points been pro- spaces see Section 2.

Depuis peu, les tifinaghs sont utilisés comme support pédagogique pour la campagne contre l’analphabétisme.

From a purely typographical point of view, it can be reasonably argued that the Tiinagh is a capital alphabet see Section 5. The focus — in both the cursive and the lowercase pro- posals — was on the primary structure of the letterforms.


Au Musée de Chemtou de Tunisen Tunisieon peut voir un obélisque avec des rifinagh gravées en tifinagh. In addition, the propos- al sought to turn the angularity and geometry of the capitals into more gentle shapes without forgetting macro-typographic aspects like rhythm, texture and page colour.

Les formes ci-dessous sont présentées dans une direction d’écriture de gauche à droite.

Notes pour servir a un essai de grammaire touaregue. Origin and Development of tifinzgh Libyco-Berber Script. Its Internet presence is also increasing since new digital fonts have been adapted and encoded for the web.

tifinagh font

Cet alphabet, aussi appelé alphabet libyquea subi des variations depuis son origine jusqu’à nos jours. Classic, regarded as the oficial script of the Numidian king- doms. Therefore, a sound presenta- 1.

tifinagh font

Blogspot comme plate-forme de blogging gratuit offre une personnalisation efficace du côté Tifonagh en ce qu’elle offre la possibilité de co Afriques, debates and readings. The British Library Camps, G. All the scripts are consistently designed in a sans serif style and, conse- quently, Tiinagh retains its characteristic monolinear geometric shapes.

Therefore, its letters present many similarities with the cursive styles homogeneous widths, ascend- ers and descenders but are more structured and consistently built, which helps create an even visual rhythm in texts and a more uniform colour on the page.

Tifinagh Font

In this par- ticular case, the extra vertical stroke that dif- ferentiates letter yadd from yatt is rendered as a diacritic mark to simplify and open the character.

How and Why Writing Systems Change. Further typographical develop- ments are fomt in next section. Moreover, several apps for smartphones aimed at learning the Tiinagh script are download- able on the Tifjnagh and, since Januarya new app to install a Tiinagh font for Android interfaces is also available Figure 1.


tifinagh font

Ebury Press Galand, Lionel. Le Protocole Open Graph. Roubaix France Knight, Stan. Revitalizing the Amazigh Language: This also may explain why epigraphic styles, like the was such a profusion of experimental type- Roman capitals or the Tiinagh script itself, have not evolved to the faces.

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In the Paris-based systems engineer Arezqi Buzefran de- signed the fonts Massensen and Jugurthen. Date and original size unknown. Youssef Ait Ouguenguay interview Maystandardisation was the priority, hence the adoption of the traditional geometric style — much the same as its predecessors — without a deep relection on aesthetic or stylistic questions.

It comprises two friezes, one written in Punic left and the other in Libyco-Berber right.

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Anonyme 16 janvier à However, some see it as a colonial imposition that would keep Amazigh people away from Islam Lounaouci Article à référence souhaitée Article à illustrer Tifinag d’écriture Portail: Texture in long texts is still uneven. With respect to the roman, they are overall open, consistent and organic shapes. The survey comprises a relection on different ffont traditions in search of the general principles inherent in cursiveness.